Sculpture serves as a portal to internal and subjective experience and carries the potential to significantly enhance one’s world, both the external and internal.

Richard’s medium of choice — stone, and especially Italian marble — is tied to some of the world’s oldest architectural works, and he delights in imbuing the ancient material with new life in innovative settings.

With collaboration and diligent aesthetic consideration, architecture, landscape, and sculpture can harmonize for an exponentially enriched experience on both the individual and collective scales.

Richard established himself early as a formidable maker of public art: in 1985, his career took flight with the installation of ‘Passage,’ the largest sculpture ever carved from a single block of travertine. Today, his monumental works of stone and bronze harmonize with landscapes all over the world, from Switzerland to Taipei.

  1. Richard Erdman Studios collaborates with collectors, architects, and designers to create original, site-responsive sculpture. The commission process begins with an in-depth conversation about the project and client’s vision.
  2. With an understanding of the project and budget, we prepare a proposal with renderings, sketches, and models. If the proposal is accepted, we present a detailed agreement outlining the scope of the project, timeline, and costs.
  3. The experience of conceiving a commissioned work is creative, collaborative, and intimate.

Selected Commissions

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