abstract white marble sculpture by Richard Erdman

Upcoming Exhibition – Carrara Marble Sculptures at Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, California

We are excited to announce Richard Erdman’s upcoming solo exhibition at Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, California. The exhibition’s title “White on White”, is an homage to six new white Carrara marble sculptures. About the new work, Richard has shared some inspiration:

“Part of the tension of being human is found in our desire for and love affair with both risk and confidence. For me, there is nothing more pure and purposeful than creating a vibrant new form of life from Carrara white marble. Its ancient formation from ocean born carbonates resonate time and geologic history. In my work, I try to combine a grounded reality of weight and volume with flights of risk, adventure and imagination, creating new life from old. By pushing marble to its technical limits, carving it into wafer-like forms in works such as Venture, Statesman and Sequita, the sculpture expresses its core and material strength while suspending belief.

Carrara marble sculptures like Helio, and Ciclo can evoke ancient primordial forms or celestial odysseys, continually moving forward and outward while turning back on themselves, revealing that time and motion are here for us to take, if only transiently, but will be replenished in perpetuity.

The upward push and growth of Fiora and Fleur into spaces and places unknown remain both solidly grounded while infinite in desire. Such hunger for more can never be satisfied in our lives because of the limits of mortality. But in the pure, angelic whiteness of these stoic, timeless pieces we may find both the strength and excitement we cherish.”

Richard Erdman
October 2016