Large scale abstract marble sculpture commission

Spira, 2019. Carrara marble. 86 x 52 x 65 inches. Commissioned by Whipple Russell Architects. Private Collection. Indian Wells, CA.

Large scale abstract marble sculpture

Seri Tai, 2019. Carrara marble. 126 x 75 x 59 inches. Commissioned by Citterio-Viel for public placement in Taichung, Taiwan.

Large scale abstract Italian Travertine stone sculpture

Passage, 1985. Italian Travertine. 190 x 300 x 100 inches. Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo. Purchase, New York.

Florence, Italy

Arno River in Florence. 1973.

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy. 1973.

2010 – Present


  • Commissioned for public placement: a monumental 18-foot sculpture, the largest since Passage, in Carrara marble. Installation in Reno, Nevada, 2024.





  • Commissions for locations in Hong Kong, Lucerne, Prague, Sydney, New York, Boston, Greenwich, Portsmouth, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Los Angles, San Diego, Seattle, Grand Rapids.




  • Publishes new monograph, 2016.


  • Commissioned for placement of monumental sculpture, Aikyam in New Delhi, India, 2010.



  • First monumental marble sculpture placed on water, since becoming one of the artist’s signature bodies of work: combining stone and water.


  • Monumental sculptures installed on water for several public collections including locations in Houston, Texas, Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, Seoul, New Delhi, Cabo San Lucas, Saint Louis, Tel Aviv, London, Las Vegas.


  • Representation in Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.


  • Artist averages four-eight large-scale commissions per year.


  • Publishes first monograph: a retrospective of works made from 1976-2007.



  • Commissions for locations in Riyadh, Oslo, Dubai, Madrid, London, Athens, Beijing, New York, Palm Desert, Tulsa, and Dallas.



  • BS Ong, developer and owner of Four Seasons Singapore commissioned a suite of four marble sculptures titled Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Venture.


  • Erdman has first international exhibition at Notices Gallery in Singapore.


  • Minneapolis Institute of Art and Princeton University acquire monumental sculptures, Rumba and Samba.


  • Exhibitions in Singapore, Copenhagen, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Santa Fe, Park City, Aspen, and Carmel.



  • Artist had his first solo show in New York City and was signed by Weintraub gallery, leading sculpture gallery of 20th century masters.


  • Donald M. Kendall invited Richard to propose a monumental work to his renowned sculpture gardens in Purchase, NY. Passage, carved from a 400 ton block of Italian travertine, was commissioned. The collection includes works by Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Louise Nevelson, and Isamu Noguchi, marking Richard’s place in the legacy of modern sculpture.


  • Exhibitions in Boston, Houston, Minneapolis, Louisville, Aspen, Park City, Springfield, New Canaan, and Carmel. 



  • Artist’s first visit to Italy: Richard Erdman studied abroad in Florence. As a student of the great Michelangelo, he traveled to the marble quarries in Carrara, the source of some of the artist’s most famous works. 


  • Erdman was introduced to Mario Fruendi and Silvio Santini of SGF Scultura where he established a working relationship which continues to the present day.   


  • First solo exhibitions of new works in marble at Southern Vermont Art Center and University of Vermont.


  • Signs with Frank Wood Gallery in Houston and Byck Gallery in Louisville.