Sunset On 2018 & What’s Ahead – Monumental Sculpture

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is already coming to a close — the past year has brought a wealth of new opportunities and ventures, a year of placemaking in which Richard’s monumental sculpture has found homes all over the world.

Installing Monumental Sculpture in Taipei

The year began with a bang: Richard traveled to Taipei for the installation of Arete CDCThis monumental public sculpture was commissioned for the park surrounding the city’s new Timeless Tower, a sleek addition to its changing skyline. Creating a work for a shared, urban environment took on special significance and presented unique challenges; Arete CDC was designed to operate on multiple planes, mirroring the lines of the nearby Taipei 101 skyscraper while captivating street-level passersby with its lively form. The project was initiated in summer 2015, and seeing the sculpture installed in its new home at last was, of course, deeply gratifying. In the coming year, Richard will be return to Taiwan to oversee the installation of a second work in Taichung, Seri Tai, currently in progress at the Carrara studio.

Seri Tai, in progress, catching afternoon light in Carrara

Sculpture Installations Worldwide

Much to Richard’s delight, another of his public sculptures — Spira — was acquired by the Enea Tree Museum in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland.

Several other sculptures also made the journey to their final destinations — both breathtaking private residences in California. In Half Moon Bay, the Bardiglio marble Volante Moon appears to take flight over the Pacific Ocean. Richard worked closely with architecture firm Lutsko Associates  and art consultant Jacqui Becker to develop the exuberant form in tandem with the needs of the clients and the spirit of the seaside landscape.

a monumental sculpture hangs from a crane and fly's over a home in California, the backdrop a pure blue sky.

Volante Moon hoisted aloft

Further south in sunny California, the radiant Serenade came home to Carla Ridge, a private residence designed by Whipple Russell Architects. Made from Carrara marble so bright it practically glows, the monumental sculpture offers a playful counterpoint to the structure’s clean, modernist lines. Richard has also begun work on a second project in collaboration with Whipple Russell, starting six new Carrara marble sculptures for a private desert residence in Indian Wells, California.

New Staff & Holiday Spirit

The fall brought a new face to Richard’s Vermont studio: Rachel Jones joined the team as Assistant Director, bringing with her years of experience as an arts writer and an eagerness to learn.

Lastly, in the spirit of the holidays, Richard has gifted several works to the educational institutions he holds dear: the Petit granite Miranda will be permanently on view in Burr & Burton Academy’s newest facility, the Rowland Project, to be designed by fellow alumnus Kyle Murphy. In November, Richard’s alma mater added a new work to their collection: the travertine Omni Piu was delivered to the University of Vermont’s newly completed STEM complex, Discovery Hall.

Richard with Miranda

“It has been a wonderfully rich year of growth, working with new people both in the office and on the outside,” says studio director Abbey Meaker. “We have collaborated with new designers, clients, and collectors worldwide, and have seen many large-scale projects come to fruition. We’re grateful for all that has happened and excited for what’s to come!”