The Year of Monumental Sculpture

The Year of Monumental Sculpture

We are wrapping 2019 with a tremendous sense of gratitude for the many opportunities the year has presented. It has been one of immense growth and creative risk with several works in marble coming to completion, Richard pushing the limits of monumental sculpture in marble further still:

A monumental sculpture carved from Carrara marble hangs from a strap during installation on a city street.

Seri Tai Installation, Taichung, Taiwan

In November, after more than a year in the making, Richard’s monumental Seri Tai, carved from a 40-ton block of Carrara marble, has finally arrived home in Taichung, Taiwan. This public sculpture was designed to harmonize architecture and landscape within the urban setting of Taichung, conceived for Citterio-Viel’s La Bella Vita building as a captivating marriage of stone and water. “The awe-inspiring effect of combined materials,” says Richard, “creates curious tension and encourages contemplation, while humanizing the grandeur of the Citterio-Viel buildings on either side.”

Spira, one of five marble sculptures for a Whipple Russell Architects project

A unique opportunity to create a series of five marble sculptures came by commission for a Whipple Russell Architects project, Richard’s second with Marc Whipple. Through collaboration and diligent aesthetic consideration, architecture, and landscape, these five new works – Spira, Arête, Aria, Odyssey, Aurora –represent a vivid cross-section of stone’s possibilities, creating an enriched experience on both the individual and collective scales. Installation forthcoming, 2020.

Odyssey Madura in progress, Carrara, Italy studio

One of the more meaningful projects of the year for public placement, a gift to the City of Portsmouth, is Odyssey Madura, a monumental sculpture currently in progress at the Carrara, Italy studio, scheduled to be installed in Prescott Park, 2020.  The sculpture was commissioned in honor of Michael Warhurst, who recently completed forty two years of service as Head Gardener of the park. “One of the many exciting aspects of this project for me, is that it represents a unique opportunity to carve a sculpture from Madura red granite, a material with which I have yet to work. This material would not work with just any form; it was meant for Odyssey. That the work will stand as symbol of Michael’s many years of devoted service to the gardens, makes this project all the more special.” – Richard Erdman

Rendering, Aurora project

Commissioned by a private collector for an outdoor space in New England, the large-scale Aurora will flow serenely and gently in curvaceous, almost human-like form, recalling our origins and those of the crystalline marble itself.  Aurora’s form is in harmony with the lush, natural gardens and forested backdrop, while also relating to the homes’ architecture and its occupants; the essence of all elements is that of permanence.

Valerie Russell, Assistant Director

To close the year, we are thrilled to invite Valerie Russell as our new Assistant Director.  Valerie was formerly the Housing Program Manager at the Community and Economic Development Office for the city of Burlington, Vermont. As an artist and administrator, she is excited to explore the ways in which these worlds engage. She will support studio operations, production, and will serve as marketing coordinator, helping to communicate the story of Richard’s art practice with audiences worldwide.

“It has been an inspiring year with multiple large-scale projects, more than a year in the making, arriving home,” says studio director Abbey Meaker, “It’s a gift to work from one of the most beautiful landscapes, Vermont, while also collaborating with some of the world’s most talented architects, designers, and gallerists from Switzerland to Taiwan. We wrap the year with a great sense of accomplishment and look ahead to the projects that will carry us into the new year.Special thanks to the collectors and gallerists who continue to support Richard’s work.”