Abstract bronze sculpture installed for a photo shoot

New Seri Tai In Bronze: Serenity In Motion

abstract bronze sculpture

Seri Tai Bronze, Edition 1/5 35 1/2 x 19 x 13 inches

Shimmering and lustrous, the bronze Seri Tai is both energetic and timeless, a spirited dance of tension rendered in a storied metal. Like the beguiling mathematical object of the Möbius Strip, Seri Tai is a closed loop and a universe unto itself, formed by curving surfaces that alternately spiral, careen, and reach toward the sun. Rooted to the ground at a single origin point, its shape balances a firm connection to earth with an unfurling momentum towards the sky, harnessing the power of duality. As a work of abstraction, Seri Tai may be witnessed from a multitude of angles, conjuring fresh associations to appear anew every time.

Simultaneously turbulent and serene, the form of Seri Tai is brought into further dimension by richly patinated bronze. Like the surface of a body of water, what first appears smooth and uniform will, with a patient gaze, reveal itself as textured, dynamic, and full of depth: not “bronze” in color, but multiple shades of brown, yellow, rust red, black, and green. It is, in this way, a tour de force that merges a classic material with evocative geometry, an experience of contemplation and exhilaration brought together in harmony

abstract bronze sculpture

Alternate view