Large scale Carrara marble sculpture

Salient Sculptures: Monumental Yet Minimalist

Salient Sculptures are monumental yet minimalist. Richard Erdman Studios is thrilled to introduce two new sculptures carved from Carrara marble:  Salient I and Salient II.  Monumental in scale and presence, each piece stands at more than eight feet tall and are dramatic, self-enclosed meditations on minimalism, form, and the material possibilities of marble.  In realizing these new sculptures, Richard expanded on the iconic form of the crescent: Salient I is an arrangement of six crescents, and Salient II seven. Finding inspiration in the challenge of restricting his visual vocabulary, Richard notes that he was “forced to work in a way where each crescent would be of equal prominence.” Unlike the moon which waxes from crescents into a sphere, the Salient crescents are like limbs frozen akimbo; its fixed form of arms creating the feeling of constant movement in its stillness.


Individually, Salient I and Salient II overflow with exuberance and motion; each sculpture is a playful dance of curves shooting toward the heavens. The sculptures, like trees, maintain strong connection to the ground while giving way to more wild gestures above – and, though perhaps appearing precarious, they remain perfectly balanced. Together, they offer a harmony in marble, a perpetual dialogue on the infinite possibilities of even the most minimalist forms.